Terms and Conditions

I. General provisions

  1. These regulations (hereinafter referred to as: "Regulations") define the rules for the use by users (hereinafter: "Users") of the prembox.com website (hereinafter: "Website") and the services offered through it.
  2. The owner of the online store run in the prembox.com Internet domain is Luxis Lucjan Pluta with its registered office in 42-300 Myszkow, ul. Franulka 1, Slask, Poland, NIP: 5771956851, hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider.
  3. Through the Website, the Service Provider provides services (hereinafter: "Services") consisting in enabling Users to download files from selected file hosting websites (hereinafter: "Operated Website").
  4. The Service Provider stipulates that by accepting the provisions of these Regulations - the User accepts all its content and all its provisions. In particular, the User accepts that if files downloaded as part of using the Service may, in a specific case, be subject to exclusive rights of third parties, in particular copyrights, trademark protection rights, industrial design registration rights and image rights, the User, by downloading such materials declares that he has the right to them and releases the Service Provider from any legal liability.
  5. Using the Website is payable and takes place on the terms set out in these Regulations.

II. Description of the service's operation

  1. Through the Website, the Service Provider provides services (hereinafter: "Services") consisting in enabling Users to download files from selected file hosting websites (hereinafter: "Operated Website").
  2. Access to the public part of the Website is available to all Internet Users without the need to fulfill any formalities, in particular, this access is not dependent on the User's registration on the Website.
  3. The Service Provider reserves the right to separate the resources of the Website, to which only Users who register on the Website and pay the appropriate fee will have full access.
  4. Using the Service is possible only by providing a valid link to a file from the Supported Website that is currently supported by the Service.
  5. The User may have only one registered account on the Website. Having more of them may result in blocking access to the website or deleting all accounts.
  6. The user can gain bonus points on the site, which can later be exchanged for a transfer. He earns points when Users recommended by him purchase top-ups on the Website.
  7. Using the Website is possible provided that the User's ICT system meets the following minimum requirements:
    • use one of Internet Browsers: Mozilla Firefox 4+, Internet Explorer 7+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome, Safari 5+;
    • turning on JavaScript in browser settings;
    • turning on cookies in browser settings.
  8. The Service Provider is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations in the computer equipment used by the User, which prevent the User from using the Website and the Services offered through it.
  9. A detailed description of the operation of individual functions that may be incomprehensible can be found in the FAQ: read.
  10. The transfer calculation differs for individual hosts, it ranges from 50 to 300%, the current calculation values are given in the user panel in the table on the left..

III. Access to the Website

  1. In order to use the basic services of the Website, you must register by entering your login and password and accepting these Regulations.
  2. The service of paid access to the Website is concluded at the moment of making a payment with an intermediary operator or entering a code received in an SMS.
  3. In certain situations, final activation of an account requires the User to click on the activation link received by e-mail after the registration.
  4. The Service Provider reserves the right to freely limit the availability of individual Supported Services without giving any reason, as well as to remove them and add new ones.
  5. The extension of paid access is counted from the moment of purchase, by the number of days specified for the selected package. The contract for the provision of Services by the Service Provider to the User is valid for such a period, unless the User has used up the purchased transfer within a shorter period of time. This contract is not renewed automatically.
  6. Standard traffic shown for every package, applies traffic available when downloading from Filehosts charging 100% traffic.

IV. Service charges

  1. In order to use the Website, the user should make a payment using the available methods, in accordance with the price list available at the address http://prembox.com/offer.html or use a free acces code received from the Website.
  2. The purchased transfer will expire 365 days (1 year) from the top-up.
  3. Available payment methods: bank transfer, SMS or possibly additional methods offered by Service payment providers.
  4. The Website does not use subscription payments or automatical payment systems.
  5. Price list constitutes an appendix to the Terms. Changes in price list not constitute a change of the Terms.
  6. Double transfer promotion may apply during selected periods. Then, after topping up the account, each User will receive 2 times more transfer than standard. The promotion is valid only during the specified period, which will be announced in the news on the website. The promotion is valid only for top-ups of a certain size (detailed information in the news). Each User can double the transfer only once as part of one promotion. From a given device, doubling can only occur once per promotion.

V. Terms and conditions of Service

  1. Using the Service requires the Service Recipient to have at least temporary access to the Internet and to have a workstation (computer) operating on the basis of the Windows operating system and meeting current performance standards.
  2. The User shall oblige not to use the Application so as to provide and transfer illegal contents, in particular the contents that infringe the legal provisions on copyrights or which distribution violates the general legal provisions. While providing a Service, the Service Provider:
    • shall not initiate data transfers,
    • shall not select the receivers of data transfers,
    • shall not select nor modify the information included in the data transfer,
    • shall not have insight into the transferred data.
  3. The User shall oblige not to use the Website to act, directly or indirectly, to the detriment of third parties or so as to disturb the realisation of a Service. In response to damaging activity or other breaches of the provisions of the present Terms, the Service Provider is entitled to take any available measures without a notice, including blocking access to Service, deleting user account or a claim for indemnity or a suspension of realisation of the Service with no recourse for reimbursement of the amount paid for the Service.
  4. Particularly, it is forbidden to use any software generating requests to servers and broad types of actions, which may be considered as attack of denial of service type.

VI. Limitation of liability

  1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for:
    • any costs incurred by the User by way of ordering a Service in defiance of information included on the Websites of the particular Filehosts or of the provisions of the present Terms;
    • any damages caused by improper use of the Website by the User;
    • any problems in functioning of the Web hosting services, which occurred as a result of events which could not have been anticipated by the Service Provider with due diligence, or which could not have been prevented by the Service Provider, in particular in case of problems in the functioning of the Filehosts resulting from the quality of the services provided by a GSM network operator or from the events of force majeure;
    • any interruptions in access to the Filehosts which are unavailable for technical reasons (e.g. maintenance, checks, hardware exchange);
    • any data loss caused by a hardware or system damage, a change of mobile phone or other circumstances independent of the Service Provider;
    • any acts of sending text messages from User’s mobile phone device by unauthorised persons;
    • any costs resulting from User’s possible efforts at reordering a Service that constitutes the object of the complaint procedure;
    • the use of a Service by unauthorised persons (including the minors.)
  2. The overall liability of the Service Provider to a User (claimed on the basis of any legal title) is limited to the charges that had been effectively paid by the User while using the Website.

VII. Complaint procedure

  1. Complaints related to Service operation, are processed by the Service Provider within 14 working days from the date of their delivery. Complaints shall be addressed in a written form at the following e-mail address: .
  2. Complaints related to payments, are processed by payment operator. Information about the complaints procedure can be found on the operator's website.
  3. Complaints for Cashbill: https://www.cashbill.pl/kontakt/#reklamacje /
  4. In the event of a complaint the choice belongs to the User request. User can request a replacement as traffic or terminate contract.
  5. If the submitted claim is correct, the Service Provider shall inform the User on the results of the claiming procedure by e-mail or by post address indicated by the User in the complaint notification form.
  6. If the Service Provider doesn't accept User's complaint and User disagree with this decision, User may ask for mediation or settlement to the Permanent Arbitration Court of the Consumer, acting with due Regional Inspectorate of Trade Inspection.

VIII. Contract termination

  1. User may unilaterally terminate the contract at any time, by sending from e-mail address given to the Website, the message containing his will to terminate the contract with the Service Provider or filled resignation form, available here.
  2. Contract termination implies deletion of User account and all related data. Traffic left on account is not refundable in any form.
  3. User may resign from the contract within 14 days from the purchase date or until the time he downloads more than free traffic for testing (600 MB). After downloading more, the contract shall be deemed to be properly executed.
  4. In case of termination of this contract, we turn to you all received and not used payment (according to the point above), immediately and in any event no later than 14 days from the date in which we are informed about your decision to exercise the right to withdraw from this contract. Reimbursement payments will be done using the same payment method that you used for in the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise; in each case you will not incur any fees in connection with this action.
  5. The Service Provider reserves the right to terminate the contract with User, including deleting all of User's data, in case when the User hasn't been using or logging in to the Service for at least 3 months after expiring of premium access to User account.
  6. Contract termination does not affect in any way the rights acquired Users.

IX. Privacy policy

  1. The Service Provider processes only the data necessary in the account registration process, the User may optionally provide an email address. The Service Provider does not process the User's personal data, i.e. those that enable his identification.
  2. The overriding principle of the Service Provider's Privacy Policy is not to disclose Users' data to third parties in any form.
  3. For the purpose of providing Services on the Website, the Service Provider processes the following User data: login, password. The User may also entrust the Service Provider with optional data for processing (e-mail address, Facebook user ID, Facebook account name).
  4. The User may at any time request that the Service Provider supplement, change or delete his data processed on the Website, subject to the data to which the Service Provider will be entitled under the relevant provisions of law. The User's request to remove mandatory data such as login or password is tantamount to a request to delete the User's account
  5. For information about privacy policies, changes or updates to previously transmitted data, User can contact the Service Provider via e-mail: .

X. Final provisions

  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change these Regulations or other terms and conditions for the provision of services and the functioning of the Website for important reasons. Amendments to the Regulations come into force within 14 days of their announcement.
  2. Changes to the Regulations are preceded by notifying Users about it by publishing it on the Website and, if the User provides an e-mail address, to the indicated e-mail address.
  3. In the event of changes to the Regulations, the User has the right to terminate the contract within 14 days of receiving the notification, notifying the Service Provider of his resignation.
  4. Upon registration on the Website, the Website User agrees to receive commercial information regarding the Service Provider's products and promotions organized by the Service Provider or with the Service Provider's participation to the e-mail address provided.
  5. Users of the Website bear full responsibility and undertake to release the Service Provider from any liability towards third parties for any damages related to incorrect (including inconsistent with these Regulations) use of the Websites or violations of applicable law, including copyrights or third party personal rights.
  6. The court competent to consider any disputes related to the use of the services available on the Websites is the court competent for the registered office of the Service Provider.

XI. Legal basis

  1. The website operates as a hosting service, in accordance with Directive 2000/31/EC, Directive on electronic commerce - Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 8, 2000 on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce in within the internal market.
  2. The website operates on the basis of art. 14 in connection with joke. 12 of the Act on the provision of electronic services, as a hosting entity (and in principle only sending information), no information about what is in the files downloaded by the user is monitored by the website. In accordance with the EU Directive and the regulations of individual Member States, hosting services do not monitor content, do not check what files users upload or download. According to Art. 15 of the Act on the provision of electronic services, the hosting entity is not obliged to check the data transmitted, stored or made available by it regarding the content posted or downloaded by users on-line.
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