Frequently Asked Questions

1. Register a new account and then log in to it by clicking on the "Logi n" button in the upper right corner of the home page.
2. While in the user's main panel, buy a traffic package of your choice (from 4GB to 500GB) by clicking on the "Add traffic" tab.
3. In the "Paste links" field, paste the link to the file you want to download, and then click the "Add files" button to add your link.
4. After correctly adding the link, click the orange download button on the right, then select the place where the file is to be saved.

That's all, we wish you a successful use of our website, in case of any doubts, please contact us via the contact form or email, we will be happy to answer any question ; ).
Detailed information about the hours and how the transfer is calculated in a particular hosting can be seen after logging in to the list of hosting on the left.

In the case of direct download, we subtract the transfer only after downloading at least 80% of the file. When the same file is downloaded multiple times, the transfer is deducted for each single download. Each link can be downloaded in its entirety once.

Some hostings may have the transfer deducted at the start of the download - after adding a link to the list, an icon with additional information informs about it.

The transfer is automatically returned to the user's account within 1-2 hours of the last download attempt, if the file was not downloaded due to our fault (i.e. the maximum number of connections was not exceeded).

The transfer calculation differs for individual hosts, it ranges from 50 to 300%, the current calculation values are given in the user panel in the table on the left.
After adding links to the list available for download, you can generate direct links to selected files. These links that appear in the text box must be copied and pasted into the program you are using. After that, you can log out and the program will be able to download the files. We support all popular downloaders like JDownloader, FDM, IDM, FlashGet.

Please remember to set the programs in such a way that they do not create too many connections, 1 connection is enough for the full speed of the connection, we do not recommend setting more than a maximum of 2-3 connections for one file (although a single connection is quite enough). In case of too many connections, they will be rejected (they will return HTTP code 403) and you will not be able to download the file to the end.
In the case of JDownloader, you can also use the plugin that supports our website built into the program. To activate it, go to "Settings", click on the "Add" button on the list of accounts, then select from the list of services and enter the login and password to your account. After saving the data, the plugin is active and will be used to download files from premium hosting.

Download restart works differently in JDownloader than resume. At restart a new file is added and the transfer may then be subtracted twice for files from some hosting. Therefore, we recommend resuming downloads whenever possible.
The list of supported hostings is visible on the home page and after logging in, in the list of hostings on the left side under the menu.
Yes, resuming is possible for all available hosting and supported downloaders. You just have to remember to resume the download as soon as possible, depending on the hosting, it can be resumed from a few hours to 3 days after the interruption of the previous download. After this time, it will be considered inactive and cannot be resumed.
Larger files are only available to users who have purchased any package or received a promotional code. This solution is necessary due to the large amount of bandwidth we offer for free trials and previous abuse attempts.
Yes, we support all hostings with the maximum bandwidth offered by the given hosting. If the transfer is slow, the reason often lies with the hosting where the downloaded file is located (their internal links/servers are overloaded).
Links can be found in various places on the Internet, due to legal issues we cannot indicate where the files may be located.
First of all, remember to paste links to files, not to directories - we do not support downloading entire directories.

If you are in a directory with files, right-click on the file name and then select "copy link address" / "copy address" (depending on the browser). Paste this copied address as a link in the link adding field and click the "Add links" button, which completes the whole process.

You can also right-click to open the file's page in a new tab and copy the URL from your browser's address bar.
In the case of this hosting, we do not support files that require a transfer of points to download, as well as those that are secured with an additional password. This is the most common cause of failed downloads from Chomik.
After logging in to your account, click on the link "Add traffic" in the top bar. Then choose the one that suits you best from the bundles displayed and click on the "Select" button inside it. At this point, you can choose the payment method - by sending an SMS or by clicking on the link to the payment agent by bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer will automatically top up your account, and after sending an SMS, you will receive a return message with a code to enter in the "Enter the received code" field.
The code must be entered in the „Enter the received code” pop-up window in the "Add traffic" tab, after clicking on the "Enter the received code " button. The system will display information confirming the top-up or an error message.
Yes, each user receives 300 MB to start just for registration. After activating the account, you get an additional 300 MB, for a total of 600 MB.
The transfer from the transfer packages can be used within 365 days from the moment of top-up, after which the value of the given top-up expires. The transfer is displayed in the user panel under „Traffic info” sign.
To do this, click on the "CoinPayment/ Cryptocurrencies" link on the payment page. A page will then appear containing data for transferring Bitcoins: wallet address and amount expressed in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

If you have a Bitcoin client, all you have to do is send the displayed amount of BTC to the indicated address.

If you do not have a Bitcoin client and do not want to have one or it is too complicated - you can use the offer of services intermediary in sending Bitcoins, such as It works in such a way that after registering an account on such a website, you buy Bitcoins by paying by transfer in PLN, which are added to the account after the transaction is completed.
Yes, registering and testing the website is completely free and non-binding.
This is not required, although you may have additional benefits from doing so:
  • the ability to reset your password in case you forget the old one,
  • protecting the account against unauthorized change of data (e-mail, password) in the event of interception of the login and password by someone - the change of data must be confirmed by clicking on the link in the received e-mail,
  • additional 300 MB of free transfer, especially important if you want to check our service.
Please report such a situation by e-mail or via the contact form, providing your login and links to incorrectly downloaded files. We always refund an incorrectly deducted transfer.
  • we offer the best, most popular hosts that no one else has,
  • we have the widest range of hosting on the market, and one of the lowest prices,
  • you pay only for the transfer and you have up to one year to use it,
  • you download whenever you want without worrying that you only have a few more days to use the transfer,
  • in one place you have access to dozens of hostings (which is equivalent to having so many premium accounts).
Yes, we apply the highest security standards that allow our users to feel safe and anonymous. The most important security mechanisms are:
  • encrypting the connection with an SSL certificate, which prevents eavesdropping of communication or interception of login and password
  • saving passwords in an encrypted and unreadable form
  • confirmation of the change of important data via e-mail, which makes it impossible to take over the account in the event of theft of the login and password
  • the possibility of making payments via SMS, which means that the user does not disclose any of his private data, even to payment intermediaries
We do not and will not use any hidden fees or additional agreements. With us, you pay only for the transfer, and the regulations are clear, concise and easily accessible.
Points in the partner program are earned thanks to the transfer purchased by the users recommended by you, as long as you are a premium user (you have already purchased a package from us). These points can then be redeemed for a transfer on the site. You cannot sell and transfer your points to other users. Any attempt to cheat will result in the withdrawal of all points.
Our plugins are available for two popular web browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Versions released after 2017 are supported. The language of the plug-in interface depends on the language set in the browser. If a given language is not supported, the plugin will automatically switch to the English version.

How to install?
In order to install the plug-in, you must first visit the page with the plug-in for your browser. Below is a list of links for each browser.
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
After entering the page with the plugin, you can read the information about it and install it in your browser by clicking the "Add to..." button. You will only need to confirm adding the plugin and after a while the icon of our website will appear among the extension icons. This means that the installation has been completed correctly and the plug-in is ready to use - just click on it and the plug-in window will open.
There is no need to log in every time you want to use the plugin. One login for 30 days is enough and during this time we have access to the account all the time and the ability to download or add links.
Through the plug-in window
To paste links, open the plug-in window by clicking on its icon, and then click on the "plus" icon, which will display the link adding view, where you can add up to 20 links. After pressing the "Add" button, the links will be added to the download list appropriate for the selected mode.

To download a file visible on the list, click on the "Download" link next to the file's data. If the status of the file changes to "Downloading", it means that the download is in progress.

From the file page
If the "Show download box on supported hosting sites" option is enabled in the settings (it is enabled by default), then after entering the file page from a supported hosting, a box with available download options will appear in the upper right corner. You can then add the file to the list and download it later, or start downloading immediately after clicking.

By clicking on the link
When we click on the link of the file located on the hosting we support, after right-clicking, the "Prembox" option will appear in the context menu, and after expanding it, the option to add the file to the list or start downloading immediately after clicking.

By checking links
After selecting one or more links and right-clicking on the selection, the "Prembox" option will appear in the context menu, and after expanding it, the options to add the file to the list or start downloading immediately after clicking.
Your Prembox

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