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When HappyHour promo is in effect?

HappyHours depends on hosting. For some of them, it lasts for whole day, for the other are set to hours between 2 and 10 AM (UTC+1 time). Detailed information about promotional hours and traffic subtracting is displayed in hosting list on the left, after logging in.

When beside a hosting is written: 10% (0-24), it means that during all day we deduct only 10% of really used traffic. So, when buying for example 500 GB package, you can download 5000 GB from this hosting in HappyHour promo. If there is written: 50% (2-10), it means that between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. we deduct 50% of really used traffic, and in other hours 100%. So, when buying mentioned package, you can download 1000 GB from this hosting.

When traffic is subtracted?

In direct download mode, traffic is taken from account after downloading minimum 80% of the file. When the same file is downloaded multiple times, traffic is taken for each one separately. Each link can be downloaded once in full size.

For some filehosts, traffic is taken when starting the download - after adding a file to the download list, an icon with additional information tells this.

When using download to server mode, traffic is taken from account when starting the download. Obviously it's not taken again when downloading from our server.

For both download modes, traffic is automatically given back within 1-2 hours from the last download attempt, when file was not downloaded (some download error occured) and it's our fault (this means that connection limit has not been exceeded).

How to use downloaders?

After adding links to the file list (step 5 in "How it works"), you can generate direct links to selected files. Links which appear in text field, need to be copied and pasted to used downloader application. After this, you can log out. Application is now able to download files. We support all popular downloaders like JDownloader, FDM, IDM, FlashGet.

Please remember to set the programs in such a way that they do not create too many connections, up to the full link speed 1 connection is enough, we do not recommend setting more than a maximum of 2-3 connections for one file (although a single connection is perfectly sufficient). In case of too many connections, they will be rejected (they will return HTTP 403 code) and it will not be possible to download the file to the end.

Number of files on the list can't exceed 300 - you will see error message when trying to add more. Remove old files first.

How to integrate my account with JDownloader?

When using JDownloader it's possible to use embedded plugin dedicated to our service. To activate it, you just need to open settings and go to account manager. Then add new account and select our service from the list. After typing in your login, password and saving the data, plugin will be active and used for downloading files from premium hostings.

Restarting of particular download works different when compare to resuming. Restart adds a new file and deducts traffic (for some filehosts), while resume continues download on the same file. So resuming is recommended when possible.

How download to server mode works?

First, you need to add files to your file list, with download to server mode selected. When the files are on file list, downloading can be started by clicking on link or download icon (white arrow down on green background). Then shows up a popup informing about starting of background download procedure, and beside the file info, it starts displaying current progress and time left.

If the first attempt will fail, the service will automatically repeat it after some time (the exact date is displayed baside the file info). In case of resigning to download the file in such situation, you just need to remove it from your file list, and no traffic will be taken from your account. Traffic is subtracted only at the moment of starting the download. After it starts downloading, cancelling is not possible.

When the file status changes to "finished", the download link will become active for 3 days. This time it behave like in direct download mode - lets you download the file to your computer or device. You can use this link a maximum 3 times to download the full file. Just like in direct download mode, you can also generate directlink and use it in some downloader application.

Which hostings do you support?

List of supported hostings is displayed on the main page and in hosting list on the left, after logging in.

Can I resume my downloads?

Yes, resuming downloads is supported for all available hostings and downloaders. You just have to keep in mind that resume has to be done within 3 days since last download on this link. After this time, download will be considered as inactive and cannot be resumed.

Why I can't download files larger than 99 MB?

Larger files are available to download only by users who bought any traffic package (premium users) or received promotional code. This solution is necessary due to large amount of traffic we give for free and earlier attempts to abuse.

Will I download files with maximum bandwidth?

Yes, all hostings are supported with maximum bandwidth offered. If download speed is slow, it's usually caused by hosting overload.

You can fint them by using our embedded search engine or just searching throught internet forums or sites.

Recharging and payments

How to recharge (add traffic) my account?

After logging in, click in menu on the left in link "Add traffic". Next choose from displayed packages, the one best for you and click on "Recharge" button inside it. No you can choose the payment method. If you send SMS, you get automatic response with code to type in the text field "received code". If choose money transfer, your account will be recharged automatically.

Where to type in the code?

Code needs to be typed on subpage "Add traffic" in text field "Received code". After typing it in, you need to click on "Recharge" button. System will display confirmation or error.

Can I test your service and downloads without buying traffic?

Yes, every user get 300 MB for a good start just after registering. After account activation, you get another 300 MB, what gives 600 MB. No other service gives that much for free.

How traffic packages work?

Traffic from traffic packages can be used at any time during the time it's available. This availability of traffic can be extended by buying another traffic package. So unused traffic is never lost and always will be held by your account - only after access to it has expired, it won't be available. It's displayed in user panel as "regular traffic".

How traffic packages work?

Traffic from timed packages is restored every day at midnight (UTC+1 European time), to specified amount, during the premium access time period (e.g. 180 days). So, after midnight (UTC+1) it will always be fully available, regardless if it was used the day before or not. Unused traffic isn't transfered to following days. It's displayed in user panel as "daily traffic".

If daily traffic runs out, regular traffic will be used instead (if it is available). With such complementarity of these two package types, you can recharge your regular traffic in case you want do download more files at short period of time.

How to pay via Bitcoin?

To do this, you need to click on payment page on link "Pay via Bitcoin". It will show you a page containing data required for Bitcoin transfer: wallet address and amount in Bitcoin.

If you already have a Bitcoin client application installed with your private wallet setup, you just need to send exact BTC amount to given address.

If you don't have a Bitcoin client application installed, you don't want to install or it's too complicated - you can use one of the online Bitcoin wallets like coinbase.com. It works like other e-wallet systems - after your account registration, you need to buy Bitcoins using supported payment methods (often a credit card or bank transfer). After the payment is finished, you have Bitcoins available on your account and ready to send to given address.

User account

Is registration free of charge?

Yes, registration and testing downloads is completely free and disobliging.

Do I need to give my e-mail address during registration or later?

No, this is not required, but you may get some benefits thanks to doing so:

  • possibility to reset password in case of forget
  • securing account from unauthorized change of private data (e-mail, password) in case of account hijacking or stealing login and password - data change will require confirmation clicked in e-mail,
  • extra 300 MB (3 GB HappyHour) of traffic, important especially when in need of testing our service.

Will the traffic on account vanish after expiry of the premium access?

No, traffic on account won't vanish even after long time of unactivity.

What to do if traffic from my account is taken, but file was not downloaded?

This kind of problem please report by e-mail or our contact form, giving your login and failed links. Incorrectly subtracted traffic we always give back.


Why choose your service instead of typical premium account?

  • you pay only for traffic, not for availability of the account
  • bought traffic will not vanish
  • in one place you get acces to dozens of hostings (what is equal to posessing that number of premium accounts)
  • you don't reveal your IP

Is your service secure for me?

Yes, we use the highest security standards, which allows our users to feel safe and anonymous. Most important mechanisms to assure security are:

  • encrypting connection with SSL certificate, which prevents from wiretapping or snaffling login and password
  • storing passwords in encrypted and impossible to read data
  • confirming changes to important data, which prevents from taking over your account in case of login and password was stealed

Do you use in terms some hidden tricks on charges?

No, we don't use those and never will. You pay only for traffic, nothing else. Our terms document is brief, easy readeble and easy accessible (not hidden somewhere in the bottom of the page).

How affiliate program works?

You earn points in affiliate program if you are premium user (you have bought traffic before), when users referred by you, buy traffic. All points can be exchanged for extra traffic to your account. You can't sell or give points to another user. Any attempts to cheat will result in losing all points.

Browsers extensions

Which browsers are supported?

Our browser extensions are available for 2 major web browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. All versions released in 2017 or later, are supported. UI language depends on browser language. If a language is not supported, extension automatically switches to english language.

How to install?

In order to install our browser extention, you need first to visit its website for your browser. Below is a list of links for specific browsers.

On the extension page you can get information about it and install it in your browser by clicking the button "Add to...". You'll also need to confirm adding a new extension and after a moment among extension icons in the top-left or top-right corner, shows up our service icon. It means that installation process is successfully completed and extension is ready to use - all you need is to click on the icon and open extension popup.

Do I have to log in every time I want to use it?

There is no need to log in and provide your credentials every time you want to use the extension. It's enough to log in once every 30 days. During this time period you always have access to your account and possibility to add or download files.

How to download files?

By extension popup

To paste new links, you need to open extension popup clicking on its icon and then on "plus" icon, showing you the input field to add new links, where you can add up to 20 links at once. After clicking on "Add" button, links are added to download list for given type (direct or to server).

To download file visible on download list, you just need to click on "Download" link. If the status changes to "Downloading", it means that download is in progress.

From file page

If the option to show download box on filehost pages is enabled (that's the default), then after visiting file's page, in the top-right corner of this page, you'll see a box with available download options. You can either add this file to the download list and download it later or start downloading immediately after clicking.

By clicking on link

When you right-click on link to the file on one of our supported filehosts, in the context menu shows up option "Prembox" and after expanding it, you can find options to add file to the download list or start download immediately.

By selecting links

After text selection for one or more links and right-clicking it, in the context menu shows up option "Prembox" and after expanding it, you can find options to add file to the download list or start download immediately.

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