Paysera + 5% of the top-up value

Paysera payment system has been added.

All Paysera payments (bank transfer) gets + 5 % top-up value.

Paysera is a fast, simple, secure payment system through your local bank. You don't need to have an app or a Paysera account, you just pay via online transfer from your bank account.
After selecting Paysera payment, you select your country of origin and then your bank, that's it.


Christmas promotion + 30%

Christmas promotion + 30%
(without Allegro and SMS, ebay - please write)


Black week + 30% promo

From today until Saturday all top-ups + 30%
(without allegro)


Change of the validity period of passwords

In order to ensure an even higher level of security, we have introduced a system of 6-month validity for account passwords.

Passwords are valid for 6 months and then expire.

Users with passwords that were set more than 6 months ago are required to change them.

The mechanism is that after logging in with the "old" password, the user is asked to set a new password.

If you have any questions, please contact us, users who have not linked their account with an email address are asked to contact the administration, specifying the email they want to use.


New Year s promotion + 25%

From today until 31.12.2022 all top-ups are increased by 25%


Survey - new hostings

We have added a poll in which you can vote on what new hosting we should add, you can also add your own suggestions for new hosts, we invite you to participate in the poll.


Recommended password change

Dear users,

in the near future, we will change the account password system, the passwords will be valid for 6 months, after which you will have to set a new password.

We recommend changing the password now and switching to a new, even better encryption system, it is advisable that the password should contain lowercase, uppercase letters, numbers, special characters.

Best Regards,
Prembox administration


Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!
Correct downloads, high transfers, few errors! :)

On the occasion of Christmas from now until December 30, + 20% promotion on all top-ups (except SMS).
After topping up your account, send us a message with the code "SW2021" and the value of your top-up will be increased by 20%.

Regards administration of prembox:}




Back online

Dear users,
We have just launched
Some temporarily unavailable hosting plans will be up and running within a few days. We will also be adding some new hosting in the near future.

We apologize in advance for such a long period of unavailability, starting the entire platform from scratch was a big challenge. The interruption in the operation of the website was caused by a fire in the server room of our hosting service provider, we lost a large part of the infrastructure, including the main server with backups.

We invite you to use the website again,
administration of

Your Prembox

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